BALANCE: FROM BABY TO GYMNAST. Baby’s balance development.




Baby’s increasing activity: 


Baby will now be familiar with the various natural balance development activities you have been doing with her. She should be enjoying the balance and other activities she is doing and now be developmentally ready for, and happy to increase the time she spends, doing each activity.  


Baby is still developing the natural balance ability foundations in her brain that are required to do simple and basic balancing activities such as crawling and sitting up. Her first major balancing activity is creeping, when she gets up on her hands and knees. The balance development activities at this level will make all future balance activities such as crawling, sitting up, creeping and walking easier for her by naturally establishing the essential balance foundations in her brain. The balance ability foundations are essential so that she can, in the future, not only creep, walk and run but also do highly skilled balance activities such as gymnastics, figure skating and surfboard riding. 



Fun balance activities for parents and babies:


A list of activities follows. These are practical activities for children to do with their parent’s help. parents create the environment baby requires to complete her OMSDEP.  In many cases, these activities are the environment required and, after commencement, promote baby’s excellent natural development. 


The activity list sometimes includes extracts of preceding sections as well as new information. The list is intended for use as a day to day checklist for quick and easy reference but, to fully understand and participate in the activities, parents may need to re-read the entire Level, or other parts of this book, from time to time.

In Level 2 parents continue to do the Level 1 balance activities but increase the time spent on each activity.


  1. Over a period of two months increase the time that you do each Level 1 balance activity to double the time you have been doing it, if baby enjoys it (and, of course, she should). If, for example, the activity is one that requires doing four turns in about one minute, then gradually (over two months) increase the number of turns to eight and the time to two minutes, that is, double. 


  1. Gentle dancing for up to 20 minutes each session is not excessive if you wish to do more than three ten minute sessions (previously three five minute sessions in Level 1), and if baby is obviously enjoying herself.